Preview of Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of A Change In The Wind is now under way. I think I just needed to get past the scene on the island in Chapter 7 for things to start flowing again. In Chapter 8, we have the return of Admiral Middleton and Governor Swann. I am also toying with the idea of introducing the curse that is on the crew of the Black Pearl, as I have yet to introduce that because of the change of circumstances. It will be in the story. I just need to decide when we will see it. Now, without further adieu, here is the preview of Chapter 8:


New Domain!

I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I bought a new domain name for this site and switched everything over so it is now my main domain name. I’m excited but also kind of nostalgic. I’ve had for so long that part of me doesn’t want to give it up. At the same time though, it no longer reflects the site or me. I looked at the registration and I’ve had that name since 2002. That’s a long time, especially for online stuff. I haven’t yet decided what to do, but I do have until September to figure it out.

When Nice Smells Become Offensive

I’m not sure what it is about perfume that some people just cannot get enough of it, even to the point where it no longer smells nice. While this doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as it used to be, some people continue to dump the entire bottle on themselves in an effort to smell nice. I’ve noticed it seems mostly to affect elderly women, but there have been some younger people I have run into that don’t seem to know when to stop.


Google Docs

So, in order to make working on my fictions a little easier on the go, I’ve started using Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word. So far, I’ve been able to work on them while at work (lunch break only, of course), which¬†is really handy.


Update Check-In

Ok, so now that we’re getting to the end of July, I figured I should at least post a quick update on what’s going on. So far, I have made some progress with both A Change In The Wind and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. There was some editing involved and some surprises with how I decided to continue on.


Hail from the Working World

So, I have to say that I always have the best intentions when I am working on my writing. Really, I do, but somehow things never turn out the way I planned. I had every intention¬†to work on A Change In The Wind, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I have been working on it, but I think I’ve run into a bit of a snag. There is a particular scene I keep re-writing as I try to decide how I want it to end up and who is all involved in it. I keep going back and forth on that issue, and thus the writing has stalled. I am glad that I am still seeing new readers, regardless of how much time has passed since I last updated (not intentional, I swear).


Behind the Wheel

Every morning, I drive about 15 mins to work and 30 mins on the weekend (depending on the location). This morning, I was casually observing the way people were driving while waiting for traffic lights to change or my turn at the stop sign and I noticed something alarming. I don’t know if it’s just my city or if things are like this in general now adays, but drivers are more and more careless. As I think back, I have seen MANY drivers zipping through red lights (just after they’ve turned red) and not stopping at stop signs, causing many near misses. I’m sure many of these have also caused accidents, but I have been fortunate enough to not have witnessed any.


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