Finally, A Change In The Wind is completed.  It was a long slog to get here, but after a 6-year hiatus/writer’s block, I finally have the final chapter completed.

Chapter 10 is the final chapter of this alternate universe story.  As expected, the hero gets the girl.  I think the biggest hurdle for me was trying to find a way to rescue Jack Sparrow from Admiral Middleton.  I will provide more details on that below the cut.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further.

Initially, I had written in Elizabeth helping Will Turner break Jack Sparrow out of the prisons again.  The idea was for Norrington to be guarding the prison as part of his punishment for his previous deeds.  Elizabeth would have knocked him out then tended to his wounds until they were found by another marine/guard.  I really struggled with trying to get that to work.  It wasn’t until I finally gave up on the idea that things finally started to come together.

I made the conscious decision to keep Elizabeth out of some of the action.  I think she had seen enough of it by this point in the story and her focus was “distraction”.  It was also easier to focus on the event of the hanging than the part leading up to it.  It may have been the easy way out, but it was also finding the finish line.  Ultimately, I am happy with the ending I chose.


Finally, moving forward, I have decided to only maintain my works at AO3.  It’s a much cleaner format and seems to have a much larger community.  I also prefer being able to specify additional parameters for the story, such as relationships.  It is also easier to stay on one platform than to try and maintain multiple accounts.