Return of my Muse?

These past two years have really been one big huge blur so I’m not completely sure what my timeline here is but…

I recently, sometime during COVID-19 lockdowns and working from home, got into Nancy Drew, the CW TV show starring Kennedy McMann.  (It’s a fantastic show.  If you’ve not seen it, check it out.)  I was hooked within the first few episodes and started shipping two of the characters in the group (Nancy/Ace).

Imagine my surprise when suddenly my muse decided to return.  Plot bunnies have been springing into my head and multiplying.  I’ve finished my first one-shot and have posted it at AO3 (beware, it is Explicit and meant for 18+ audiences).

I hope the inspiration continues to last.  I am so excited about this show and its character.


Finally, A Change In The Wind is completed.  It was a long slog to get here, but after a 6-year hiatus/writer’s block, I finally have the final chapter completed.

Chapter 10 is the final chapter of this alternate universe story.  As expected, the hero gets the girl.  I think the biggest hurdle for me was trying to find a way to rescue Jack Sparrow from Admiral Middleton.  I will provide more details on that below the cut.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further.


Oops… Guess I Should Provide an Update

I hadn’t meant to leave this update for so long (though, based on my traffic, I don’t think anyone is reading this anyway).

I am still working on the 10th chapter of A Change In The Wind.  As you may be able to tell, I hit a major writer’s block and I am still working my way through that.  I hope to have that chapter up soon.

Now, to provide an update for the Harry Potter fanfictions. Understandably, I have completely abandoned those.  As many are aware, this past year and a bit, J.K. Rowling has come out as a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), and I have found myself struggling to reconcile that with my love for the Harry Potter series.  Like for many fans of the series, her comments and actions over the past year have tainted the memory and legacy of the series for me, and I have decided to let go of it altogether.  It was a tough decision, but it is hard to keep supporting the series when I cannot support the author.

At first, I did consider trying to separate the art from the artist (Lindsay Ellis has two great videos about this concept, Death of the Author, here and here).  Ultimately, however, you still are supporting the author and their work.  As Lindsay points out, you never truly can separate the two.  “However, you can’t really cry ‘death of the author’ and keep consuming Harry Potter stuff without supporting her wealth and influence.”  Therefore, I cannot in good conscience continue to support her properties and works by participating in fanfiction of those works.

Now, that being said, I will not be deleting those fictions that are already posted and completed, so they will still be available, but I will not be posting anything new.


I am probably the worst for leaving my projects either unfinished or going so long between updates that readers forget about them.  While I am working on improving this, it is still going to be a hard habit to break.  Admittedly, my biggest problem is that I usually lose inspiration and let things slide.  It is so easy to say that you’ll work on something and keep putting it off.  You then realize that it’s been six months or more since you last updated.

I am also guilty of this on my own websites and I will go months without updating or posting anything.  I always start out with good intentions, but somehow, updates still end up being forgotten about or pushed aside.

A Change In The Wind

That aside, I am working, slowly but surely, on the last chapter of A Change In The Wind.  I have thought about revisiting this alternate universe but I’ve decided to try and finish the entire story first.  It really isn’t fair to readers to have to wait months or years for the next update.  I am probably the worst for that.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Since I have made little headway with A Change In The Wind, I haven’t worked on Bedknobs and Broomsticks at all.  I am still in the process of rewriting what I had already done.  Once that is completed, I will start working on new content for this story.  This is the project I will be tackling after I finish A Change In The Wind.  I have some reworking on it to do with the storyline.  It was starting to go a bit wonky when I was writing it the first time, which is part of the reason I decided to rewrite it.

The Deatheater’s Daughter

This is the final project I’ve been stalling on, more so than the others.  I have been trying to figure out all of the background with Ginny missing from the story in order to get it properly written and for the whole alternate universe to make sense.  This one is my favourite so once I’ve worked that out, I will start working on this one again.

I’d like to finish all of these projects before I start another one.  I feel like that will be easy as I haven’t had any plot bunnies popping up that have had me itching to write.  I will keep everyone apprised of any further updates on here, but those may be few and far between.