Still in Progress

So, it looks like this is taking longer to write than I thought, which is also making me glad I decided not to post as I write. I am jumping all over the place in this story (this is the first time I haven’t really written lineally). To tide everyone over until the story is done, here’s a sneak peak:

The guards moved Ginny into Courtroom 10 with her hands and feet shackled to prevent her escape, not that she would have gotten far even if she had tried it. It seemed the entire wizarding world had turned up for her trial. She sat nervously in the chair in the middle of the room, having no idea if Draco had even been successful in his petition. He hadn’t returned to her cell, so the outcome was a complete mystery. For all she knew, she was headed to her death. 

Dolores Umbridge shuffled into the courtroom, headed for the chair normally reserved for the Minister for Magic. It appeared that Ginny was going to be saved from at least one thing that day; having to face Voldemort in person. The fact that he was not present gave Ginny a small glimmer of hope that perhaps Draco had successfully petitioned for her release. 

As soon as Umbridge took her seat and cleared her throat, the murmur of the crowd died down and all attention was directed towards her. 

“I think we can, in this case, dispense with the usual farce of a trial and move straight to sentencing. You were after all caught red-handed,” Umbridge grinned down at her before she continued. “Ginevra Molly Weasley. You have been found guilty of harbouring and aiding undesirables, consorting with muggles and undesirables, and treason, the sentence for all of which is death.” Umbridge’s voice seemed to echo in the courtroom. 

The colour drained from Ginny’s face as she stared up at the hateful woman playing judge, jury, and executioner. Umbridge clearly took delight in her shock and despair. Based on the lack of reaction, no one else in the room was surprised at her words nor did they care if she received a fair trial. It seemed to be an eternity before Umbridge opened her mouth to speak again.

This may not end up being the final draft of this scene, but it’s just a taste of what’s to come.

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